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Business Efficiency Consulting .

Business Efficiency

As a business owner, you must always weigh the cost of a business management system with the true need to generate the revenue and profits needed to stay in business. The impact of a poor system or poor use of a system on customer service, revenue generation, management decisions and/or profitability can be substantial. However, a business management system can only be as good as the operations it supports. Inefficient processes and procedures can reduce the benefits of the company's business system. To avoid these pitfalls and to ensure that you get the most out of your system, the Wasmer Group provides Business Efficiency consulting.
Business Efficiency is the process of systematically reviewing your business operations with the following goals in mind:

  • Eliminating redundant processes
  • Eliminating or automating manual processes
  • Reducing the amount of paper
  • Improving internal controls

Our staff is exceptionally qualified to assist you with this process. Our staff is composed of CPAs, MBAs, and certified IT professionals. More importantly, our staff has extensive industry experience in such positions as CFO, CEO, CIO, COO, Director of Operations, Director of Finance, etc. Drawing on our formal education and industry experience, we apply the benefits of your new system to your particular environment.
The result is a faster return on your investment.

Outsourced CFO .

CFO for Hire Services

Monitoring your bottom line, as well as everything above.

The Wasmer Group's CFO for Hire services will ensure that the profitability of your company comes first. Most resellers can greatly benefit from the expertise and knowledge of a qualified chief financial officer. Unfortunately, many cannot afford the high salary needed to hire a truly qualified individual. These companies can outsource their CFO position to The Wasmer Group.
Our qualified and technology minded CFOs and consultants can guide you through the maze of Technology Accounting, and all the nuances associated with it. Each one of our staff has prior and continuing experience working inside a channel reseller. We are up to date on the latest trends and issues that face resellers today.
Even those companies with a controller or CFO can benefit from The Wasmer Group's services. Many controllers or CFOs don't get a chance to see the entire picture because they are immersed in "the forest." Let us be your eyes and ears to provide the global overview as well as the minute details that it takes to succeed in today's ever-changing global economy.

  • Get monthly reporting utilizing the Wasmer Models.
  • Find out where you are and how you stack up to where you should be. Our models go beyond the standard ratio analysis of general industry by focusing on the crucial measures tailored for technology resellers.
  • Get monthly sales and gross profit reports, with key charts and graphs specifically for your sales team.
  • Get monthly service utilization reports and graphs that not only monitor individual utilization but also capture a true realization rate developed for your firm.
  • Know when you can afford to hire additional resources. Know when you are overstaffed or under-performing, and not only know where and why, but also who needs improvement. How much can you afford to pay your people? What commission program should you use? Should you have a profit sharing or stock-based incentive plan? What are your utilization rates, or - more importantly - what is your "realization rate"? How are the others doing it? Get these and other specific answers to your most difficult and trying questions.

This service can provide your company with all of the benefits of a CFO at a fraction of the cost. We will perform the following duties of a CFO:

  • Reviewing and analyzing financial statements;
  • Providing asset, liability, profitability, cash flow, accounting systems management and reporting;
  • Monitoring progress;
  • Making recommendations for improvements;
  • Reviewing results of operations;
  • Entering into negotiations;
  • Even helping hire and fire staff.

We have the ability to set up remote access to your systems where we can acquire necessary information and can be available via phone, email, fax, or pager to help with any need that arises.

Business Strategy Development .

Where to Compete?

  • Changing client needs
  • Changing competitive positioning
  • Availability of capital
  • Strategy inconsistent with core capabilities
  • Client segments
  • Products
  • Geography
  • Channels

How to Compete?

  • Differentiation vs. low cost vs. focused niche
  • Vertically integrated
  • Alliances vs. stand-alone

Exit Strategy?

  • Have an exit strategy the day you start your business
  • Maximize your return - plan

The Wasmer Methodology for Business Strategy Development is a series of stages that break down into phases and tasks. It specifies a straightforward project path and serves as a useful tool. But good strategy development is seldom linear. The real value is in the Breakthrough Strategy Approach that the methodology builds on.
This practice focuses on determining, developing, and focusing your organization on the best strategy.

Business Transformation .

Strategic & Organizational Change

Whether you are looking to become a professional services firm or looking to grow into a new area, the Wasmer Group can help you transform your business. Over the last 14 years, we have helped our clients stay at the forefront of the changes in the industry. We help you evaluate your options and decide which direction to take. Should you become a "true" professional services firm? Should you maximize your income through the hardware model? Or should you pursue some combination of both? Or, are you just concerned about your company's ability to keep pace with the industry? Let us help you transform your business...

Our detailed methodology:

  • Identify reasons for change
  • Identify potential change opportunities
  • Define the change management scope
  • Evaluate the change risks
  • Evaluate change management capabilities and requirements
  • Define detailed approach
  • Perform detailed risk assessment
  • Develop project plan
  • Establish change leadership
  • Build commitment
  • Implement recommended changes
  • Establish resistance management
  • Monitor changes
  • Ensure knowledge transfer

Crisis Management .

Crisis Management

Tactical hands-on management expertise at your most critical time. Whether your financial institution has just declined your funding, payroll is due and you do not have the money to cover the checks, or your sales or service manager just left for the competition, we have an experienced staff to help you through it. Areas of focus are balance sheet restructuring, creditor negotiations, and business reorganization.
We have an extensive and successful track record in turnaround management, and we will structure a program to fit your needs and cash flow.

Mergers & Acquisitions .

The Success of the Transaction is more important than doing the deal.

The Wasmer Group has a tremendous amount of expertise in mergers and acquisitions in the technology industry, gained from our involvement in over 100 M&A transactions. However, we are not concerned with “doing the deal”, we are concerned first and foremost with whether the transaction accomplishes the goals and objectives of our client. In other words was the deal successful? The Wasmer Group has a very well defined approach to managing mergers and acquisitions. An understanding of the industry and our consultative-based approach allows us to target ideal candidates for transactions. We do not take a shotgun approach, or mass mail to large databases of names. We get to know our clients and understand their unique cultures. We feel the success of an M&A transaction is directly related to the acquisition strategy and matching prospects with the same culture and goals. In so doing we seek the “successful transaction”. The Wasmer Group provides both sell-side and buy-side services in addition to acting as a transaction broker. Because we concentrate just on the reseller channel we are constantly on top of current valuations and trends. We know who is buying or selling and why. In addition to brokerage services, the Wasmer Group also provides extensive transaction based services such as business valuation, fairness opinions, due diligence, and project, or task, specific services. All of our services are customizable based on the needs and goals of our clients.

Valuation & Market Analysis

"How much can I get for my business?" "What terms can I expect?" "What would be a fair price to offer for the purchase of a particular business?" A Business Valuation/Appraisal is the process of preparing a complete analysis of a company and estimating the Fair Market Value of a business as of a given date. The Valuation/Appraisal can be done for many reasons such as, to determine partner share, estimates for purchasing, selling, swapping, or dissolving part or all of a business, ESOP valuations, estate planning, etc.

There are several valuation methodologies used to calculate the value of a business.  In preparing a Business Valuation we will take into account numerous factors that may contribute to your company's value and risk such as the industry, financial history, future market forecasts, financial projections, and comparisons to other actual transactions or appraisals for similar companies. We offer two levels of Business Valuations: standard and comprehensive.

A standard Valuation can be done without the necessity of a site visit. After providing us with requested financial data, we will hold a conference call to review relevant risk factors and learn more about your business. After detailed evaluation and analysis, a written report will be issued. It includes a complete financial analysis with many financial ratios, balance sheet and income statement, detail explanations of the various approaches to value and what our estimated value range for your company. Phone consultation is included for explanations and questions.

A Comprehensive Business Valuation takes the standard valuation and extends it further. It will include a site visit and will take into account many other aspects of the business such as actual quality of assets, value of contracts, leases and market share. Naturally, a Comprehensive Business Valuation will give a more complete estimate of value.

In many situations an actual business valuation is not required, but you still want to know how much your business is worth. A valuation "certifies" the value and includes a 50 to 100 page report detailing the methodologies and processes taken to arrive at the value.  If the "formal" valuation is not required, the Wasmer Group can prepare a "market analysis".  In a market analysis we will go through the same valuation process and make the same calculations, however, we will not prepare a formal report and "certify" to the value. The market analysis can usually be done at a quarter of the cost of a formal valuation.


"What can I do to improve the price I can get for my business?" "What are the secrets of increasing your companies value?" "Why do two companies both with the same revenue and profitability in similar markets sell for drastically different amounts?" In addition to a standard or comprehensive business valuation we can provide written recommendations of what you may want to do in order to increase the value of your company over both the short and long term.

This service will help you understand and find ways to increase your companies value whether you are selling or not. In many circumstances we have been able to increase a company’s value 25% to over 100%. One company was able to triple its eventual sales price in less than six months through following our plan.


This offering is customized to fit your actual needs. We can provide assistance in pro-actively finding qualified prospective buyers or sellers. After acquiring detailed information about the business that you wish to sell/purchase, we can set out to find a buyer/seller that fits the specified criteria.


Negotiation services include conducting tours, evaluating offers, negotiating price and terms, structuring the deal, performing due diligence, etc. Effective negotiating encompasses motivating, communicating and guiding the parties toward a successful closing. Please note that we can not provide legal advice, legal assistance or any legal services.

Seminars .

Wasmer markets, promotes, organizes and conducts various seminars throughout the nation, targeted toward top and middle level management. The focus of the seminars is on financial and operational issues concerning the computer/technology industry. Seminars can be organized for any size company on any topic relating to the industry. See below for past seminar topics.

  • How to become a professional services firm
  • Managing growth in the warning zone
  • How to value your business
  • How to deal with your banker
  • Thriving in the Midst of Change
  • The Keys to Profitability
  • Capitalizing your business
  • High-profit resellers
  • Myths and facts regarding the services business

We also conduct customized seminars and training programs for manufacturers, distributors, finance companies and other vendors serving the technology channel.


Partnered with the best.

Our valued partnerships allow us to deliver the great services you need.


About Us

About the Wasmer Group

The Wasmer Group is a professional services firm focused on the technology industry. Most consulting firms are generalists and work with many different types of businesses and industries. The Wasmer Group focuses only on technology companies. Therefore, we offer a unique blend of knowledge and expertise, which coupled with our significant experience gives us an edge over your standard firm.
We contribute to the success of our clients by solving complex business issues and creating significant value. The Wasmer Group is a leader in delivering ideas, developing solutions, designing plans and executing the implementation that results in a significant impact on performance and shareholder value. Led by a senior management team with unmatched industry experience, The Wasmer Group has consulted with over 400 technology companies, been involved in over 100 mergers or acquisitions and is currently outsourcing the CFO function for many resellers and VAR's.
The Wasmer Group was founded with the mission to improve the shareholder value of our clients through improvements in their efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and profitability. Our services begin with an initial assessment, follow with solution design, extend through the implementation and execution and conclude with monitoring.

Why Wasmer?

The Wasmer Group is well qualified to assist you

The Wasmer Group is well qualified to assist you or lead you with the successful implementation of your strategic and tactical needs through our intimate knowledge of the technology reseller, the channel in which we operate, and our emphasis on value-added delivery.

The Wasmer Group knows the technology reseller and its business

  • Thorough understanding and experience of reseller management, environment, and culture
  • Proven history of successful projects
  • Ability to leverage current project accomplishments and relationships
  • Leading consulting firm for the reseller industry

The Wasmer Group is the leader

  • Largest practice with over 400 successful engagements
  • Continual research and development of industry leading business models
  • Unprecedented record of client satisfaction

The Wasmer Group has the best project team structure, qualifications, and experience

  • Efficient and effective mix of staff, skills, and experience
  • Appropriate involvement of your staff to provide ownership, accountability, project continuity, and knowledge transfer
  • People, relevant experiences, and proven ability to team with resellers.

The Wasmer Group has proven "real world" tools

  • Comprehensive collection of integrated methodologies, tools, and accelerators
  • Leverages hands-on experience of hundreds of engagements

Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

The Wasmer Group was founded on the basic principal that our clients come first; we put your interests in front of ours. In so doing, we accept only those assignments that we are fully qualified to perform, we apply a professional approach, act with integrity and we maintain independence and objectivity, even if it means declining or withdrawing from an assignment.
We take a synergistic approach to all of our engagements. Even though the focus may be on developing professional services, organization structure, compensation or logistics, we look across the entire organization to integrate all functions. To this, we add the knowledge of the industry that has come from our substantial client base over the years.
Advising businesses at Wasmer expands beyond the theoretical. It is more than developing a hypothesis. We understand the practical side of business as well. All of our staff have held key positions in the industry prior to joining our firm. We have been owners, presidents, CFO's and controllers of VARs; we have run service and sales departments. The key ingredient that provides value to our clients is that we "have been there", so we understand what you are going through.
Although we have codified approaches to many common issues, e.g. productivity, utilization, business models, process diagnosis and design, we never assume that two companies have the same "problem". We seek to solve "your" specific problems. In so doing, we transfer skills, build your capabilities and instill a new and higher set of performance standards in your firm.
We expect our work to build familiarity, trust, commitment and genuine friendship, but all of these occur in the larger context or our professional values, i.e. putting your interests first, accepting only those assignments where we can have high impact, working in a professional manner, with integrity and maintaining our independence and objectivity.

Kenneth J. Wasmer

Executive Team


Kenneth J. Wasmer .

Ken Wasmer is president of The Wasmer Group. He is an Executive Manager, with broad-based experience in accounting, finance, banking , mergers & Acquisitions with a focus for the past 25 years in the VAR/MSP industry. He has consulted with more than 600 companies nationwide, over 75 of which were on the INC 500 list. Additionally, he has worked on various aspects of more than 212 merger and acquisition transactions. Ken has been CEO and CFO for numerous VARs ranging in size from $5 million to over $100 million and has turned around several financially distressed companies.  Additionally, Ken conducted numerous seminars and spoke at multiple national conferences.  Prior to his experience in the computer technology industry, Ken was Vice President of Loan Administration for a $3 billion bank. Ken was responsible for credit analysis, loan review, compliance review, and loan administration and was a commercial loan officer. He was also a Certified Public Accountant and worked as a Controller for a $235 million savings and loan and for the CPA firm of Touche Ross.

Charlotte Wasmer .
Vice President

I am the founder and CEO of Virtual Sourcing, CFS and Wasmer Properties. With 24 years of experience in accounting, 20 of those in the technology industry, I’m laser focused on the accounting, systems and operations of my clients with an unwavering determination to provide exceptional service mentoring and guiding them to achieve their financial goals.
Virtual Sourcing provides our technology clients with Back-office Outsourcing solutions in Accounting, Financial Reporting & Analysis, and Strategic Financial Management.
CFS provides consulting in the areas of Accounting and PSA system for technology companies. This includes but is not limited to design, implementation, optimization, reporting, programming and support.
Wasmer Properties is a commercial and residential Real Estate company.
I live in Alexandria, LA with my husband, Ken Wasmer. I have 3 adult children, 2 grand children and many family and friends.