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About Us

About the Wasmer Group

The Wasmer Group is a professional services firm focused on the technology industry. Most consulting firms are generalists and work with many different types of businesses and industries. The Wasmer Group focuses only on technology companies. Therefore, we offer a unique blend of knowledge and expertise, which coupled with our significant experience gives us an edge over your standard firm.
We contribute to the success of our clients by solving complex business issues and creating significant value. The Wasmer Group is a leader in delivering ideas, developing solutions, designing plans and executing the implementation that results in a significant impact on performance and shareholder value. Led by a senior management team with unmatched industry experience, The Wasmer Group has consulted with over 400 technology companies, been involved in over 100 mergers or acquisitions and is currently outsourcing the CFO function for many resellers and VAR's.
The Wasmer Group was founded with the mission to improve the shareholder value of our clients through improvements in their efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and profitability. Our services begin with an initial assessment, follow with solution design, extend through the implementation and execution and conclude with monitoring.

Why Wasmer?

The Wasmer Group is well qualified to assist you

The Wasmer Group is well qualified to assist you or lead you with the successful implementation of your strategic and tactical needs through our intimate knowledge of the technology reseller, the channel in which we operate, and our emphasis on value-added delivery.

The Wasmer Group knows the technology reseller and its business

  • Thorough understanding and experience of reseller management, environment, and culture
  • Proven history of successful projects
  • Ability to leverage current project accomplishments and relationships
  • Leading consulting firm for the reseller industry

The Wasmer Group is the leader

  • Largest practice with over 400 successful engagements
  • Continual research and development of industry leading business models
  • Unprecedented record of client satisfaction

The Wasmer Group has the best project team structure, qualifications, and experience

  • Efficient and effective mix of staff, skills, and experience
  • Appropriate involvement of your staff to provide ownership, accountability, project continuity, and knowledge transfer
  • People, relevant experiences, and proven ability to team with resellers.

The Wasmer Group has proven "real world" tools

  • Comprehensive collection of integrated methodologies, tools, and accelerators
  • Leverages hands-on experience of hundreds of engagements

Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

The Wasmer Group was founded on the basic principal that our clients come first; we put your interests in front of ours. In so doing, we accept only those assignments that we are fully qualified to perform, we apply a professional approach, act with integrity and we maintain independence and objectivity, even if it means declining or withdrawing from an assignment.
We take a synergistic approach to all of our engagements. Even though the focus may be on developing professional services, organization structure, compensation or logistics, we look across the entire organization to integrate all functions. To this, we add the knowledge of the industry that has come from our substantial client base over the years.
Advising businesses at Wasmer expands beyond the theoretical. It is more than developing a hypothesis. We understand the practical side of business as well. All of our staff have held key positions in the industry prior to joining our firm. We have been owners, presidents, CFO's and controllers of VARs; we have run service and sales departments. The key ingredient that provides value to our clients is that we "have been there", so we understand what you are going through.
Although we have codified approaches to many common issues, e.g. productivity, utilization, business models, process diagnosis and design, we never assume that two companies have the same "problem". We seek to solve "your" specific problems. In so doing, we transfer skills, build your capabilities and instill a new and higher set of performance standards in your firm.
We expect our work to build familiarity, trust, commitment and genuine friendship, but all of these occur in the larger context or our professional values, i.e. putting your interests first, accepting only those assignments where we can have high impact, working in a professional manner, with integrity and maintaining our independence and objectivity.

Kenneth J. Wasmer

Executive Team


Kenneth J. Wasmer .

Ken Wasmer is president of The Wasmer Group. He is an Executive Manager, with broad-based experience in accounting, finance, banking , mergers & Acquisitions with a focus for the past 25 years in the VAR/MSP industry. He has consulted with more than 600 companies nationwide, over 75 of which were on the INC 500 list. Additionally, he has worked on various aspects of more than 212 merger and acquisition transactions. Ken has been CEO and CFO for numerous VARs ranging in size from $5 million to over $100 million and has turned around several financially distressed companies.  Additionally, Ken conducted numerous seminars and spoke at multiple national conferences.  Prior to his experience in the computer technology industry, Ken was Vice President of Loan Administration for a $3 billion bank. Ken was responsible for credit analysis, loan review, compliance review, and loan administration and was a commercial loan officer. He was also a Certified Public Accountant and worked as a Controller for a $235 million savings and loan and for the CPA firm of Touche Ross.

Charlotte Wasmer .
Vice President

I am the founder and CEO of Virtual Sourcing, CFS and Wasmer Properties. With 24 years of experience in accounting, 20 of those in the technology industry, I’m laser focused on the accounting, systems and operations of my clients with an unwavering determination to provide exceptional service mentoring and guiding them to achieve their financial goals.
Virtual Sourcing provides our technology clients with Back-office Outsourcing solutions in Accounting, Financial Reporting & Analysis, and Strategic Financial Management.
CFS provides consulting in the areas of Accounting and PSA system for technology companies. This includes but is not limited to design, implementation, optimization, reporting, programming and support.
Wasmer Properties is a commercial and residential Real Estate company.
I live in Alexandria, LA with my husband, Ken Wasmer. I have 3 adult children, 2 grand children and many family and friends.